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Re: US doctor immigrates to nz...

Posted by alexandra_k on July 21, 2020, at 22:23:25

In reply to Re: US doctor immigrates to nz..., posted by sigismund on July 19, 2020, at 2:22:07

I don't know what to make of Theil and etc.

If they are boys behaving badly or if they intentionally using the wealth that they have in order to help NZ develop in a way that exposes our corrupt practices and helps us fix up our laws / develop our legal system so that maybe at some point in the future good people might be able to do good business with us.

I mean... Who would have known that NZ citizenship was on sale (and indeed the price of it) if Theil hadn't have chosen to buy it and then to say that that is what he did, publically?

What does he do with the citizenship he brought?

I'm not sure.

He is / has been consulted about various things, I think. I don't know.

He did pay a lot of money for a supposed bolt hole in a supposedly fancy area. But a lot of that could be marketing. It could be a dump on the inside. I don't know. Apparently locals were saying (newspapers) that it seems to them to be empty. Nobody living / staying in it. I don't know what it's about. I wondered how he was supposed to staff it etc. I mean, he couldn't exactly hire a local cleaner and expect them to keep their mouth shut about his private business etc etc. I don't know what to make of it... was something to do with extradition.

Because he was wanted (or whatever) for breaking overseas copyright / data sharing laws. I think. They wanted to have a trial or something. But he ran to NZ to escape being held to account to European courts, I think...

I don't remember how much money the courts ordered him to pay for the trials he had, here. Exposing the government doing unlawful searching of his property trying to collect evidence. Exposing the police doing unlawful things in trying to build a case against him...

Eventually I think the case against him succeeded...

But something about him running for parliament...

Again, exposing the dangers of a rich person buying citizenship and using that citizenship for the purposes of, I don't know, buying up all the marketing / advertising and self-promoting such that one is democratically elected dictator.


I mean to say I don't know how much people like Theil and are fictions. Not quite spies... Plants??

So laws get passed that make it more possible to do business in this part of the world.

So the country doesn't become a repository of all the morally corrupt individuals fleeing accountability / justice overseas.


I don't know what would be done with the property Theil brought if he hadn't have brought it.


Would the NZ public have known that a person (and family) was let into the couuntry during a supposed lockdown if...

If she hadn't told them herself.

Told the media, herself.


But I still don't feel good about it.

What was her intent in telling the media?

What was her intent on the glowing praises she's singing when everybody knows we were lucky becuase of our geographical separation and if the virus gets inside out borders our health system will not be able to cope in a very very very short space of time.


She said she didn't like it how hospital workers weren't socially distancing in NY.
Does she think they will socially distance here?
She said people didn't listen to her in NY.
Does she think people will listen to her here?

I don't know.

Stay tuned, I suppose.


Judith Collins appears to have softened. In a good way.
Collaborating with present Prime Minister on getting rid of a politician who had a habit of sending nude female photos unsolicited to women...
I mean, backing away from the 'crusher' thing...
Backing away from the old, corrupt, national.

I suppose the success of a government, really, is voter turnout.

I don't know.




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